What is STOPit?

STOPit is an award-winning technology company providing a comprehensive software platform that mitigates, deters and controls inappropriate conduct and provides organizational transparency.

STOPit’s frictionless reporting platform combines real-time reporting and real-time messaging, enabling real-time awareness for your organization.

The STOPit mobile app is a simple, fast and powerful tool which empowers individuals to protect themselves, others and the organization. DOCUMENTit, a robust incident management system, empowers administrators and management to get in front of issues to mitigate risk and adhere to the ever evolving compliance landscape.

The STOPit platform is available to schools, universities, businesses and governments in the United States and around the world.

How does the STOPit platform work?

The STOPit platform includes a mobile app and a robust back-end tracking and management system. STOPit's mobile app provides users with fast, secure and anonymous reporting – all at the touch of a button. Administrators are equipped with DOCUMENTit, a comprehensive, streamlined, cloud-based incident management system that also helps organizations mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

How does the STOPit mobile app work?

The Report button can be used to anonymously submit a report consisting of text, image(s), and/or video(s) to contacts from the organization who can respond to the incident and get help to individuals in need. The Messenger button provides anonymous two-way communication between app users and organization administrators. Additionally, organizations may make text or call resources available to app users via the Get Help feature, and may also send notifications to all app users via the Notifications feature.

What is DOCUMENTit and how can it save time and mitigate risk?

DOCUMENTit is STOPit's comprehensive, streamlined, cloud-based incident management system. Organization administrators use DOCUMENTit to manage incidents submitted via the STOPit mobile app. DOCUMENTit is a proactive and completely customizable solution which helps organizations save time. DOCUMENTit features include custom alerts, tags, assignments, escalation, and folders, among other customizable features. DOCUMENTit allows organizations to organize data, identify trends, and measure progress, as well as helps ensure regulatory compliance.

What is an Upstander, and how does STOPit encourage individuals to be Upstanders?

An Upstander is someone who does not stand by when they see something that is not okay. When an Upstander sees something, they say something! STOPit encourages Upstanders by leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide an easy, fast, and anonymous reporting tool, thus removing the barriers to reporting an incident. This empowers individuals to report instances of abuse which they might otherwise have overlooked or felt too embarrassed or anxious to report.

Is STOPit a deterrent?

Yes! STOPit does more than just empower individuals with a voice to speak up - it is also a powerful deterrent. When STOPit is implemented, it causes individuals to think twice before engaging in unacceptable conduct, discouraging harmful or inappropriate behavior from happening in the first place and fostering a positive organizational culture.

How will STOPit affect my liability?

STOPit reduces your liability. The STOPit platform provides the structure and tools you need to receive information and effectively manage, document, and report incidents for compliance purposes. DOCUMENTit automates the proper handling of evidence, and allows you to instantly escalate issues, including outside of your organization when necessary. These tools and others help your organization to mitigate risk and reduce liability.

What is the Student Privacy Pledge and is STOPit a signatory?

STOPit is proud to announce that we have joined leaders in education technology in signing the Student Privacy Pledge, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding the privacy of student information. Spearheaded by The Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association and endorsed by President Obama, the Student Privacy Pledge sets clear and strict standards regarding the use of student data by school service provides. Key components of the pledge include using student data for authorized educational purposes only, providing comprehensive security standards, transparency regarding collection and use of data, and supporting parental access to student information. Learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge at